Thursday, January 6, 2011

Corruption – colour of democracy ?!

Today we are caught in cross-fire. Stranded between “values”; one is `healthy’, the other one is “wealthy”. Both are our great inventions. Between birth and death we live by instincts and habits. Few habits fade away with age; few grow with us, alarmingly, beyond control and proportions. Times have changed. Power of habit is such god is at the mercy of man kind. Defying god’s logic, we have created new purposes for existence. One such manoeuvring creation is corruption….born out of greed.
Corruption … along with hunger has been made omni-present and omni- potent. Hunger is self-centred….an instinct. But hunger to greed makes corruption strongest which spoils the atmosphere and other poor beings on the earth. Remember…… corruption is not confined to currency.
We oscillate between extremes. One side we are thinking to get rid of corruption - from a distance; the other way, we pursue the practice piously. Even education and knowledge are helpless to kill the evil. The worst obsctacle of a developing democracy is silence of the educated and knowledged.
The clash between greed and hope will remain meaningless unless we stand one. Since our basics have been converted as toys, the only weapon is attitude with which corruption can be cleansed.
We are known to be powerful speakers. Let those speeches become result-oriented, pollution-free sparks. Corruption was / is / will be there; upto the final breath of last human being on the earth?! Sobs, sops, soaps…nothing can clean corruption.
the need of the hour is activation of “our” attitude. Let us come out of the myth that we are safe and strong in our shadows…forever! How long we can sustain circus inside a bubble!?, let us vacate; not be cruel to those beautiful bubbles.
The worst fear is corruption should not become symbol of sixth sense.

Let us clean it before it cleans us

Contributed by Shri.Gunasekhar,Sr.Aud


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