Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kudos to Junior World Chess Title Winner

Hi Soumya Swaminathan,You deserve kudos from all our DAD People!

Say cheers to Soumya Swaminathan.The Pune girl who happens to be my brother's daughther was recently crowned World Junior Chess Champion!!.The world was at her feet literally when she lifted the coveted Champion Cup. An effort par excellence without doubt.

Last year due to change in rule criteria, denied her gaining valuable ELO points.This made her more focussed this year.Her resolve saw her win the Prestigeous World Junior Girls(under 20) title at Puerto Madeyn, Argentina.

She says if your focus on your goal, you always will find ways to work even harder to succeed.

Her's is a great achievement and it will inspire youngsters of the country to take up this game seriously and excel in it.

Mythili Balasubramainan,SAO