Thursday, January 6, 2011

Be Clear to Clean…

…Antarctic melts; Ozone worn; Ocean quakes; Sea shrinks; Deserts loose sand to structures; Greenery engulfed by Red and Pale; Rain forgets (the purpose) its route to river and sea; Climates confused. But one thing remains stronger and unchanged…Attitude of world’s populous democracy. We have a special practice; teachings are for others not for self. Day and night or Dark and Bright…. religiously we break some rule or law. Our inventive initiatives are mammoth and mounting. It’s we who put plastics in drainage….not Prime Ministers; throw rules on roads….not the Presidents; We spit on earth and target the sky (challenging the gravitation)….not Vice Presidents; We jump the signal and `initiate the deal’; not Home Ministers; We run and pour national money in International schools to make our infant crawl, methodically; We `deposit’ our money to feed our greed and get cheated; not Police. It’s we who share our space with politicians for selfish gains and put our integrity, ego and `files’ in shambles; politicians don’t sign our Office Notes/Correspondence, directly. It’s we who demean our spine. We need to change our perceptions and pursue ethics to take on the greedy politicians.
Let us not delink ourselves from prevailing filthy politics and social ills. We only choose our Representatives `democratically/dramatically’. Democracy is in our finger tips, literally. The darker and brutal reality is democracy has not reached many, still. There are endangered species called (true) Indian citizens who live in dark….at day. For them “thinking” is costliest luxury. They do not know what is/what for/wherefrom… freedom and democracy. Just they go through their lives without seeing colours. Democracy is misused, misinterpreted, soiled, spoiled, raped and thrown in “care-centres”, by us. For the elite and educated, democracy is untouchable and/or a weapon to suffocate the oppressed. In work places, many authorities attach their ego while wielding democracy/rules. There is a dangerous trend that many `powerful’ Indians think themselves as owner of democracy. Beware….there is an undercurrent unrest brewing which will lead to a freedom movement against the `Indians’ by the Indians for the Indians.
We teach our kids - united we win; divided we lose. But we don’t follow because academic values are only to gain first rank, to forget and to settle as `educated illiterates’. Our attitude and intelligence blink on our soil; but brightens in foreign soil. We serve our nation only as NRIs.
Let us alter the arithmetic; when it comes to country…Crores = One. Religion, Caste, Skin colour and anatomy may differ; but our brain design and breathing system remains same. If anyone wants to test their guts they can change their brain shape in to square and interchange their breathing system with earthworms; atleast let that be first invention by us. Thus, there should not be any difficulty to be one…citizens of a nation.
Exceptions exist in humans and in their deeds, though…

प्रवाह....एक ज़ख़्मी सच
पंचभूत-वायु, जल, अग्नि, पृथ्वी और आकाश - ये पाँचों थत्व अपने आप में विशिष्ठतापूर्वक है | फिर भी वायु और जल इस ब्रह्माण्ड की प्राणियों का प्रथम आधार है...आहार भी|
मनुष्य की सृष्टि से पहले ही पाँचों तत्व पस्थित थे और दुनिया के विनाश के बाद भी सदैव रहेंगे| इन शक्तियों पर निर्भर होने के बावजूद मनुष्य अपने छटे ज्ञान की शक्ति का उल्लंगन करता है| उलटी सोच का नतीजा ... जल अब जलन बनगया है - यानि की बनादिया गया है| जल अभी एक समस्या नहीं एक मुददा है| कुछ वर्गों के लिए राजनीतिक नारा है| मनुष्य पृथ्वी और जल को अपनी कब्ज़े में कैद करने का सपना देख रहा है|
भयानक कल के लिए तैयार रहिये | हमारे चारों तरफ जल का साया भी नहीं मिलेगा; अगर हम अभी से सही कदम नहीं लिए तो | जल का प्रयोग या उपयोग उसके महत्व को मन में रखकर करना ही अर्थपूर्ण है | जल के बारे में हमारे अन्धविश्वास और गलतफहमियों को जड़ से मिटाना अनिवार्य है| माना ज़मीन में जल कम... लेकिन गाड़ियों में और बोत्त्लों में कैसे ? क्या हम ज़मीन की जल से खफा है...या फिर पैसे की पानी पर प्यार ज़्यादा हो गया ?
जल प्रवाह की विशेषता ऐसी है - कभी एक नन्हे बच्चे के लुदकते कदम की तरह, कभी खूबसुरत नर्तकी की तरह, कभी एक कविता की तरह, कभी विशाल राक्षस की तरह.... कभी ख़ामोशी से, कभी शांति से, कभी चतुराई से, कभी नादानी से, कभी रहस्यपूर्ण वातावरण पैदा करके ..... ऐसे कई गुणवत्तावों का मिसाल बन के रह रहे जल को खुद्कर्ज़ नियत के लिए इस्तेमाल नहीं करना चाहिए |
भले ही जल बेरंग हो लेकिन साफ़, स्वच्छ और निष्कलंक है | ऐसे पवित्र जल को गन्दा करके काला और मेला करें | हिंसात्मक मतभेदों से लाल करें ....क्योंकि अन्य प्राणियों का भी जल आहार और आधार है | उन प्राणियों का हक़ छीन्ने का हमें कोई अधिकार नहीं है |
... अर्थ (Earth) को अनर्थ (Unearth) बनाने की कोशिश करेंगे...तो हमारा अंत तुरंत |
हम जल से जीवित है... की जल हम से

…. गुणा ....
रंगीन बूँदें
कल का शमशान
आज का शयनयान
चाँद पर किराये का मकान

भगवन आए
हम दोनों के बीच सन्नाटा
और हलकीसी मुस्कुराहट
उन्होंने कुछ दिया नहीं
मैंने माँगा भी नहीं
दोनों किसी और की तलाश में
सजीव खेल जारी . . . .

ख़ामोशी और शान्ती - फर्क
प्रलय का संकेत ख़ामोशी
प्रलय का तात्पर्य शान्ती


गुना ...
Corruption – colour of democracy ?!

Today we are caught in cross-fire. Stranded between “values”; one is `healthy’, the other one is “wealthy”. Both are our great inventions. Between birth and death we live by instincts and habits. Few habits fade away with age; few grow with us, alarmingly, beyond control and proportions. Times have changed. Power of habit is such god is at the mercy of man kind. Defying god’s logic, we have created new purposes for existence. One such manoeuvring creation is corruption….born out of greed.
Corruption … along with hunger has been made omni-present and omni- potent. Hunger is self-centred….an instinct. But hunger to greed makes corruption strongest which spoils the atmosphere and other poor beings on the earth. Remember…… corruption is not confined to currency.
We oscillate between extremes. One side we are thinking to get rid of corruption - from a distance; the other way, we pursue the practice piously. Even education and knowledge are helpless to kill the evil. The worst obsctacle of a developing democracy is silence of the educated and knowledged.
The clash between greed and hope will remain meaningless unless we stand one. Since our basics have been converted as toys, the only weapon is attitude with which corruption can be cleansed.
We are known to be powerful speakers. Let those speeches become result-oriented, pollution-free sparks. Corruption was / is / will be there; upto the final breath of last human being on the earth?! Sobs, sops, soaps…nothing can clean corruption.
the need of the hour is activation of “our” attitude. Let us come out of the myth that we are safe and strong in our shadows…forever! How long we can sustain circus inside a bubble!?, let us vacate; not be cruel to those beautiful bubbles.
The worst fear is corruption should not become symbol of sixth sense.

Let us clean it before it cleans us

Contributed by Shri.Gunasekhar,Sr.Aud

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Farewell Friends!

Dear Officers/Friends/Colleagues,

"Wishing You & Your Family A Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year".

"The Day has finally arrived."

My 6 1/2 yrs association with this office ends today ; posted to AO(NSTL), Vizag on permanent trasfer . Though it was my initiative to leave the office, now, i have mixed feelings ; Happy - for going to my people, my land; Blues - for leaving such a loving personnel and place, like you and yours.

I was proud & fortunate enough to work in this very prestigious and most happening office for these many years and that too under a great and able administrator. And I wish our office will continue to bring more laurels particularly from EDP/OA front.

Finally, I thank one and all for the love and affection showered on me all these years.

This is Suresh Kumar signing off.

"Kal aur aayenge, mujhse behtar karne waale"